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You can play a crucial role in sorting out the contents, especially to optimize your own time over and above our efforts. Over a period, there may be information overload. You can help us clean and streamline this activity in many forms.

Rating the comments - you can rate your favorite comments and try to bring it on to the top of other comments. By doing this, next time when you visit that particular page, it will be on the top, provided all the users also consider this to be important content. By doing this you will be helping our admin to clean up the low rated contents and eventually replace such contents with the new one.

Validating the comments - you can validate your friends' comments by cross checking the reference document and also the content. If found inappropriate, you can report this comment so that our back end team will remove this on priority. By doing this you will be helping our in-house experts to validate the contents based on the high ranking of the users.

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