Basic & Advanced package

These packages are applicable only for Phase I, II, III & IV

Basic Package
Access to contents for the duration equivalent to the respective Phase. Phase I - 12 Months, Phase II - 18 Months, Phase III - 12 & Phase IV - 12 Months. The account will be locked when the subscription duration is completed.

Advanced Package
Access to contents till a candidate enters Internship. The account will be locked when the subscription duration is completed.The package is applicable to Phase I - 56 Months, Phase II - 42 Months & Phase III - 24 Months. This package is not applicable for Phase IV as it conflicts with Basic package of phase IV. Since the upgrade is for respective package, it makes sense to upgrade for Full contents 12 months wherein the user can access all the contents for the remaining 12 months. 

You need to decide on what package is are opting for. This is very crucial as the same will be carried forward while updating the contents. If any mistake, the user may loose data on performance analytics.

Based on the intense research, in the field of Medical Academics, we have considered only two scenarios best suiting to students based on their study practice.

Our recommendations

  1. Always go for Advanced package, the advantage is, for an extra 10% on subscription the user will get the access till he enters Internship. Hence the student is able to refer back and also access the new contents which we update on regular basis. All the tests and study behavior will be logged to help the user in advising on the weak areas.
  2. If one chose Basic Package he will not be given an option to upgrade to the Advanced package in the following year. This is because, the system recognize his reading behavior and will not allow to change. If student wishes to change, then all the data captured will be lost and should be subscribing as a new candidate.
  3. While upgrading, a candidate can upgrade to their respective package. Eg Basic to Basic and Advanced to Advanced package. We recommend to opt for Advanced package as we are going to offer many privileges to the candidate who is really serious about entrance preparation.
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