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Dental Education is an hectic course wherein students are put into stress during their study period and hence learn to handle stress from their academic days. Most of the knowledge gained during the study period is attributed to practicals, clinical exposure and the theory. 

Eliminating the time required to acquire the knowledge as prescribed by the DCI, on an average a student may get less than 5 hrs to study on his own. Based on the best practices and available resources in our portal, we have fixed a daily cap to access the contents of our portal.

Hence an average, a student can access for 5 Hrs per day of self-study contents. Once the time is logged in for 5 Hrs, the account will be locked and will reopen for the next day.

Tips to optimally utilize the portal

  1. Plan and have discipline in study pattern.
  2. Once you enter the self-study module, your countdown starts, and when you come out of the self-study module, it will stop. So, do not waste time when you are in this module.
  3. Do not share your ID and Password with your friends. If you share you will loose the daily limited time.
  4. To save time, if a page is not active for more than 5 mins, it will automatically logs out. You may need to log in again to continue your studies.

Case Scenario

  1. You have subscribed to Year I package - total 300 mins per day access
  2. You have subscribed to Year II package
    1. Fresh to Year II - 300 Mins
    2. Upgrade to Year II premium from Year I premium - total 330 Mins per day
  3. You have subscribed to Year III Package
    1. Fresh to Year III - 300 Mins
    2. Upgrade from Year I & II to Year III (all premium) - 360 Mins per day
    3. Upgrade from only Year II - 330 Mins
  4. You have subscribed to Year IV Package
    1. Fresh to Year IV - 300 Mins
    2. Upgrade from Year I, II & III - Not possible for premium
  5. You have subscribed to Full contents - 300 Mins per day


If you feel you need more access time per day, please write to us on requesting to increase the time limit to your required time period. We will revert back with a special quote and upon agreeing, we will increase the limit to the required time per day.
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