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Self-study module is the USP of this product. It gives the flexibility and time to learn when you are not in pressure. The MCQs are critically analysed with explanation to the correct answer and also to distractors wherever applicable.

The real experience lies in this module and hence all our experts emphasize much on this. The other modules - Mock tests, Real-time tests are subsidiary products derived from this main module.

The contents are segregated for easy understanding based on the Phase, Subject, Chapter, topic & at Sub-topic / conditions level. Hence each questions will be tagged against all these parameters helping students to experience the uniqueness in the way one study.


  • To make this portal complete, we request students also to give inputs and if found valuable, we will incorporate the changes in our next sprint.
  • We also request students to share us any MCQs which is not there in the portal and is important, we will upload the same with explanations and reference. We also acknowledge such contributions in various forms.
  • You can write to us on

Features of self-study module

  1. Gives a holistic approach to analyze an MCQ and derive the answer. It also gives reasoning to eliminate the distractors and chose the right answer. The experts explanation to the right and wrong options helps the candidate to acquire knowledge on cracking such questions in the entrance examination.
  2. Candidates can also inquire on any given question. Such inquiry will be routed to an expert and the answer will be posted with reference. This cut shorts the candidates time in searching for the right answer.
  3. All the knowledge shared on the portal will be justified by quoting reference of standard textbooks, with edition & page number.
  4. A personal note section will help candidates to store their notes for future reference. The notes can be downloaded, shared on facebook and can be printed by compiling all the notes from all the webpages.
  5. Interesting MCQs can be shared on facebook on to your timeline, friends timeline, pages you manage, pages you are member. Only part of the MCQs and your comment will be posted to help your friends to know about this.

Check this section to know more about 'best practices' in this portal

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