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We can expect 2 types of users in this portal

  1. Dental Students who will be preparing for their term exams
  2. Internees & Graduates who will be preparing for entrance exams

Dental Students

Ideally, we advise Dental students to go through the self-study portal and this gives them the flexibility to choose the topic & sub-topic against the chapter and subject in respective phase of study.

The Mock test and Past test papers alone do not help as there may be cases wherein a student may not have read the concerned topic and will be exposed to the MCQs.


Internees & Graduates

We give the flexibility to Internees & Graduates to utilize the features to the maximum extent. Since they would have covered all the topics during their studentship period, one can plan accordingly and take up the modules.

We still advise to cover the self-study module but during the entrance exam time, one can give priority to Past papers and Mock tests, and of course the real-time tests too.

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