"Real-time tests" - Details

This feature is totally free for all the subscribed users (Internee & Graduate Package). To help students prepare best, we create an ambiance for the student to experience the real competitive exam. This is totally online and we expect student to work in an environment with good Internet connectivity and battery back up.

The questions are randomly picked from our vast database or we can generate the questions exclusive for this test. We will announce the test date and time, wherein the students can login with their credentials and take the test. We recommend to log in at least 10 mins early, so that you will get a hang of the process or rectify any problems at your end or to contact us if we have some problems.

If you are late to the exam, still you are allowed to take the exam but the time lost will not be compensated. The test can be terminated at your end if you are done or it will time out once the time is over.

Though the system can generate the rank instantaneously, we take some time to upload on to the server. Once uploaded, you will be notified and you can compare the ranking to the top performer.


  • This module is not applicable for Phase I, II, III & IV students
  • In the next phase you will be having much more feature in the Mock tests in line with the real-time tests. We will notify that once we launch that feature.
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