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You are here to understand more about the portal and also to understand the product for its optimal utilization.

The entrancebook Help Center is designed to provide a complete self-service support option for our users. It lets you search for an article clearly segregated as per the major heads. If you still do not find the right answer, you can submit a request to an agent.

Most of the commonly encountered queries will be addressed in the respective section. Hence before calling the customer service center, it is ideal to look into these articles which clarifies most of the user concerns. The queries which are not addressed in this section can be again raised as an inquiry and the team attempts to clarify in 8 working hours. 

The major heads of FAQs are classified as under

  1. General Support
  2. Medical PG entrancebook
  3. Dental PG entrancebook
  4. Technology FAQs
  5. Payment Related FAQs
  6. Offers Section
  7. Examination Section
  8. Strategic Alliance

To access these sections, you should be a registered user. Upon successful registration at you are requested to send us an email through your registered email ID to You will receive a confirmation mail about your account creation from the customer service section. By following the instructions, you could be able to access all these section.


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