I am an Internee, what are the packages available to me

Packages for Internee

The 'Basic (12 months - Internee) Package' is advisable for

  1. Candidate who is doing their internship
  2. Phase III student, entering Phase IV and has subscribed premium package in Phase III.

If you are doing your internship,

  1. You can either choose the full contents packages for 1 year (ideal for internees) or 2 year (Graduate package)
  2. See 'Time to access' these contents

The 'Premium (24 months - Graduate) Package' is advisable for candidates who has completed the internship and seriously preparing for PG entrance exams.


In all the upgrade process, a new set of Questions (equal in number) will be added and hence charged to continue the access. Once a graduate pays for the 2 year subscription, the access can be extended even after the expiry date upon request till he gets the seat. This is subjected to our terms & condition and one who wish to extend the services should convince the management about the same.

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