My account is locked

Your account may be locked because of many factors

  1. You have failed to login after 3 attempts. For security purpose, the system automatically locks your account to prevent unauthorized attempt from hackers. We recommend the user to retrieve the password by clicking the forgot password (if failed during the second attempt) and get the link to login through your registered mail id. Once logged in, please make sure to change the password and then re-login to complete the process.  
  2. We may have locked your account. The system will track those IDs which change IPs frequently. If we find such activities suspicious in terms of sharing the login credentials and changing practice behavior, we may lock your account and will contact you to understand more about it. Once we feel there is a genuine reason for such activities, we will reactivate the account. 
  3. Your subscription may have expired. The account will be locked once your subscription is over.

Please contact us or write to us on with your detailed inquiry.

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