How to become a subscribed user

Before subscribing, we advise the user on the following
  1. Know more on the available packages and specifically difference between basic & advanced package.
  2. Cross check your phase, under My Account section. Students tends to enter wrong phase and end up selecting wrong contents. It is very important to provide which phase you are in as the system recognize this and generate pricing list.
Once you are through with the above 2 points, you can visit the pricing page and select the appropriate package. We advise you to go for 'Advanced Package' as it has lot of benefits over the basic package.

If you do not have a coupon, try to get one. Once you get, you can enter the coupon and claim your discount. The system will ask to proceed to the payment gateway, which is a Third Party gateway. Once you make the payment, you become a subscribed user.

You can now take the full advantage of the portal
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